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Lagos Health Chiropractic Clinic Algarve for chiropractic help, weight control, reflexology and acupuncture in lagos


Principal Chiropractor Dr. Wen Oates DC MChiro

Lagos Health Prinicpal Chiropractor Dr Wen Oates DC MChiro

Doctor Wen was born in Beijing where, after leaving school, she trained and worked as a liver transplant and A&E nurse in Beijing's top city hospital.

In 2002, Wen met her English teacher and broadcast journalist husband Geoff at a Bournemouth language school...and the rest, as they say, is history!

She studied and trained at Europe's premier and longest-established chiropractic university, the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, England and graduated with a Master of Chiropractic degree and Merit. In the UK, Doctor Wen was treating babies, children and the elderly, as well as looking after office workers, burly firemen and builders. Here in the Algarve, Dr Wen's patients are mainly golfers, sailors, retired expats, locals and holidaymakers.

Away from our Lagos clinic, she enjoys cooking and paddling in the ocean...she hasn't learned to swim yet! At their home near the clinic, Wen and her husband are 'mum and dad' to two adorable British Shorthair pedigree cats.

By the way, our patients LOVE Dr Wen! See what many of them have to say here.

Clinic Director Geoff Oates

Lagos Health Chiropractic Clinic Director Geoff Oates

Clinic Director Geoff is a former broadcast journalist, radio presenter and English teacher who, until recently, spent 16 years with BBC Radio Solent in Southampton. Away from the radio studio, Geoff was also teaching English to foreign students, which is how he met Dr Wen!

Geoff likes to read...his favourite authors are perhaps a little surprising - Agatha Christie and Charles Dickens. And as a former radio DJ, his musical tastes are wide and varied, ranging from the harmonies of the 1940's Andrews Sisters, the rock & roll classics of the 1950's, the pop songs of the 60's, the production style of Barry White and Abba in the 1970's, to the rock, pop and power ballads of the 80's. If you like the same things, we'll have to arrange a Lagos Health karaoke night!

Geoff likes languages and can speak some German and Swiss-German, which comes in handy when our German and Swiss patients come for treatment. He also likes tenpin if he puts his back out on the lanes, Doctor Wen is there to help!

Chiropractic Assistant Eugènia Neves

Lagos Health Chiropractic Assistant Eugènia

Eugènia has worked as a Chiropractic Assistant for over 20 years and has a true passion for the profession. She benefits from regular treatment herself to maintain good health and prevent aches, pains and injuries from occurring during her day to day life. She has worked with many practitioners over the years, so has a well-rounded view on how chiropractic can benefit everyone.

She has lived in Johannesburg, where she was part of a health insurance team, and worked in London where she was a Chiropractic Assistant to several Chiropractors.

Eugènia is a proud grandmother and took her grandson to visit a Chiropractor when he was just 8 months old...this was for a check up to make sure all his developmental milestones had been hit and no problems had occurred since birth and the first few months of life.

Reflexologist & Holistic Therapist Eva Clarke

Lagos Health Reflexologist & Holistic Therapist Eva Clarke

Eva was UK trained and qualified in 2001 and offers a wide variety of therapies including Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Facials, Pedicures and Manicures through to a wide variety of massages including her special signature massage - the '3 in 1', incorporating hot stones, aromatherapy oils and varying massage strokes.

Eva fell in love with the Algarve whilst experiencing a wonderful sailing holiday with her husband and they decided to uproot and settle in the sunny Algarve in 2006.

The beautiful blue skies, gorgeous sandy beaches and glorious sunshine still entrance Eva and, along with the sumptuous gastronomy and simpler way of life here, there is still no better place to be!

Acupuncturist Richard Brook MBAcC Lic.Ac BA

Lagos Health Acupuncturist Richard Brook

Richard is a specialist in Five Elements Acupuncture, Dru Yoga and the Body-Mind Connection.

He previously had a successful in practice in London and facilitated detox and wellness retreats near Lagos.

Richard specialises in understanding how a great deal of what we experience in our mind and emotions originates from stress within particular organs, plus ‘body memory’ patterns from experiences we’ve been involved in.

His treatments are very effective at balancing these deeper aspects, which can often contribute to emotional strain, depression, stress and anxiety, alongside treating the more common physical conditions.

Health Presentations

Dr. Wen Oates and her husband Geoff are available to talk to your group or club on chiropractic care and other health-related topics. Contact us for more information and available dates for meetings and seminars.

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