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Lagos Health Chiropractic Clinic Algarve for expert relief from back, knee and shoulder pain


The following comments are from Lagos Health Chiropractic patients who think we're the best thing since sliced bread! We'd like to thank them for their very kind words, which are reproduced below...

​If you are in pain and would like us to help, please call the clinic on +351 282 768 044

Henriette D. on holiday from Switzerland: "It worked all fine Dr. Wen! I feel great (again) and am able to play my sports! What a wealth to have found you and your office in Lagos. Lovely people and great Chiro! Thanks to you ;-) and greetings from Switzerland!"

Margaret B. on holiday from England: "Dr Wen is a miracle worker - a brilliant professional practise run by lovely English speaking staff. They provided emergency treatment when I hurt my back, which left me pain free and able to enjoy the rest of my holiday. Look forward to revisiting when we return to Lagos."

Rosalinde K. on holiday from Netherlands: "I had a lot of back pain and stiff muscles around the pain spots. And I went for a treatment with Dr Wen two days ago. I feel so much better now. Thank you."

Nicki B. ex-pat from England: "Have been in serious pain with my neck and shoulder since painting my bathroom ceiling. Couldn't sleep, upper back totally jammed - couldn't move my neck - felt like I was being stabbed in my shoulder all day. Thank God for Dr Wen who, after an assessment and some soft tissue massage, managed to adjust my neck and shoulder leading to my first strong-painkiller-free-day for over a week. A further treatment improved the situation further. One of the best chiropractors I have ever been to (and I have have seen many over the past 30 years!). Would very highly recommend."

Gemma W. ex-pat from England: "Fantastic chiropractor. Dr Wen always starts with doing some soft tissue work before attempting to adjust you and is very gentle, never forcing an adjustment (like some chiropractors do). Lovely lady who it is always a pleasure to see. Cannot recommend enough."

Rachel S. on holiday from England: "My back pain has been sorted out! Dr. Wen was professional, caring and a funny lady. Thank you so much for sorting my back pain out, without you my holiday would have been totally spoilt. 5-star rating from me :)"

Richard A. on a sailing holiday from England: "Excellent Chiropractor who I highly recommend. Shortly after arriving in Lagos Marina I managed to 'put my back out' and was in excruciating pain and unable to walk without the aid of a stick. My usual Chiropractor is in the UK, so not knowing anywhere in Portugal I sought out a local recommendation. I was advised to try Lagos Health Chiropractic by someone who had previously been treated there and they were very pleased with their treatment. So I made an appointment and was seen very promptly, receiving a very professional treatment program from a very knowledgeable Dr Wen Oates who used just the right amount of manipulation and massage to release a trapped nerve in my lower back, much to my great relief. Having visited numerous Chiropractors over the years (before I found a good one), I am very happy to recommend Dr Oates."

Áine O. on holiday from Ireland: "I attended your clinic during July/August 2016 when we were on holidays. You were so kind and helpful and I got great relief from your treatments. I have been using the roller that you recommended to me since and it was the best advice ever! I am so grateful to you all. You also recommended doing about six sessions with you next summer to learn exercises to build up the muscles in my back, which I plan to do. See you in the summer...and keep up the great work!"

Julia H. on holiday from England: "What a relief to find myself in such professional hands! I was worried about getting my lower back pain treated away from home, but Dr Wen understood my problem right away, and did what needed to be done. I got some really useful rehabilitation exercises as well. On a par with or better than chiropractors I have visited in England. Highly recommended."

David C. on holiday from USA: "Just went to my Chiro appointment. Neck and back much better :) "

Edith K. ex-pat from Germany: "Amazing...I feel much, much better after only the first treatment. Doctor Wen has 'golden hands'!"

David H. on holiday from England: "Thank you very much for the second appointment of my Chiropractic sessions this has made such a great difference to the movement in my neck. Also, thank you so much for checking my wife's shoulder and giving advice on the next steps! We very much appreciate your kind attention!"

Roger R. on holiday from Belgium: "I am the Belgian surgeon who came to you in despair with chronic back pain yesterday. Just to let you know that I am completely free of pain today. I have hit some golf balls on the practice range this afternoon and I feel nothing, not even a twinge. I have booked golf rounds for tomorrow and Friday!"

Matthew B. on holiday from England: "Just before my two-week holiday in Lagos, I went to the gym in the UK and pulled a muscle in my back. After the flight to Faro and a bumpy bus ride to Lagos, I woke up the following morning in agony and could hardly move. The hotel recommended Lagos Health and, after only one treatment, I was pain-free and back swimming in the hotel pool and enjoying the rest of my holiday. Doctor Wen is an absolute miracle worker!"

Joe G. ex-pat in Lagos: "I had a bad fall late October 2014. I experienced severe pain in the lower back, side and right rib. A friend recommended I attend 'Lagos Health Quiropratica'. The initial consultation was very thorough and included adjustments and deep tissue massage. At the end of my first visit I noticed a considerable reduction in pain and I was also able to walk with more ease. After a number of consultations I made a full recovery and I have no doubt that the doctor's treatment ensured my early recovery. I have no hesitation in recommending 'Lagos Health Quiropratica'. The doctors are highly professional and fully dedicated to the care of their patients."

Maria Vitória M. resident in Lagos: "I am a Lagos resident, and would like to give my testimony on the Chiropractic Health Centre of Lagos. I started using their services, they are there in Lagos more than 15 years, and without a shadow of a doubt that they are the best for the alignment of the spine and therefore for the physical well-being of every human being. The Doctor who treated me is a very competent and honest person, I can only thank.

Paula S. resident in Lagos: I talked to a friend whose husband also had the same problem as me. She told me: Why don't you go where my husband goes? A week later I was so desperate with the pain that I decided to make an appointment with the chiropractor, and I felt better after the first treatment. Today I recommend those who have problems do not hesitate to go to the Lagos Health chiropractors, and you will think why haven't I done it before?

If you are in pain and would like to find out for yourself why so many holidaymakers, ex-pats and locals think we are the best chiropractic clinic on the Algarve, call us on +351 282 768 044. Our friendly staff will help you find a convenient time to come in and see us. And rest assured, you'll receive the highest quality, professional chiropractic care on the Algarve.

We are open Monday to Thursday from 9am to 6pm and Fridays from 9am to 1pm.

5 Top Tips If You Have Back Pain

1. Go and see your chiropractor

2. If you haven’t got one, ask within your circle of friends for recommendations or check the internet. By the way, the chiropractors at Lagos Health Chiropractic are excellent!

3. Make the appointment…this first visit may take up to an hour.

4. Until you can get to your appointment, do the following:

a) Use an ice pack on the area to reduce the pain (20 minutes every hour for a few hours)

b) Take simple pain medication, such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen

c) Find a comfortable position for sitting or lying down

d) At night, when sleeping on your back, use a pillow UNDER your knees

e) When sleeping on your side, place the pillow BETWEEN your knees

f) Keep moving - try to walk about a little (even if it’s just to the kitchen and back)

5. Follow your chiropractor’s advice regarding treatment and rehab.

You WILL feel better after seeing a Doctor of Chiropractic. Chiropractors have studied and trained for more than four years to become qualified and therefore know more about your bones, joints, muscles and ligaments than most physiotherapists, osteopaths and general medical doctors. Chiropractors are the REAL spine experts.

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